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Welcome to Savelli’s collection of sneakers for men! There is a reason why these shoes never turn into a fad and are always favoured as the perfect addition to almost any outfit. Beyond their versatile style, sneakers often provide much-needed comfort that other dress shoes do not. 

How to Style our Sneakers

  • Day – Running errands or attending a casual work meeting? Slip on a pair of white sneakers, and pair them with a polo shirt and chinos for a relaxed, yet polished look.
  • Night – If you have a date to impress, consider pairing your sneakers with a tasteful T-shirt, relaxed blazer, and tailored pants to create a polished and put-together appearance. Remember to add a bouquet of flowers as a finishing touch to your ensemble.

A well-crafted, sleek pair of sneakers will get you where you want to go and more. While canvas sneakers are trending in street style, give leather ones a chance too. They are easy to work into your outfits and offer a more refined look. Browse our collection now!