Comfortable, Fashionable and Quality Products

Our Mission

Savelli's mission is to provide high quality leather shoes based on a foundation of classic styling, comfort and elegance.

Our Vision

In Savelli, we envision every man deserves to own a modern looking, comfortable pair of shoes. With a pair of Savelli shoes, you know that your feet are in safe hands.


About our online store

Savelli is a Brazilian shoe manufacturing company, founded in the countryside of São Paulo state.

Our name comes from a small province in Italy with a reputation of master craftsmen proficient in the art of Shoe-making, a quality that we as a brand strives to achieve. We deliver comfortable, fashionable and quality long-lasting products.

Quality checks is one of our tenets as a brand, we believe in quality control from the sourcing of materials, manufacturing processes and finally the finishing of the product. Customers are guaranteed high quality products at reasonable prices.